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Belt buckle “Heaven’s punishment”
Belt buckle “Heaven’s punishment” The buckle is designed according to the emblem of the Ukra..
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							Belt buckle “Ice and Fire”							
							Belt buckle “Ice and Fire”
Belt buckle “Ice and Fire”
Handmade brass buckle "Ice and Fire” Ukrainian symbolism not only has a long history..
Belt buckle “Mirror carp”
Handmade brass buckle "Mirror carp” We continue fishing themes with the "Mirror carp..
Buckle “Idu Na Vy”
Handmade brass buckle “IDU NA VY”. This buckle 's design is inspired by Ukrainian Special Ope..
Buckle “Kozak”
Handmade brass buckle "Kozak”   On the buckle is depicted Kozak - a sym..
Buckle “Pike”
Handmade brass buckle "Pike” Pike – is a queen of rivers and lakes. One of the most ..
Buckle “Red deer”
Buckle “Red deer”   This buckle depicts one of the most desired trophies fo..
Buckle “Tree of life”
Buckle “Tree of life”     Tree of Life is one of the most ancient archetype..
Buckle “Tryzub Anchor”
Buckle “Tryzub Anchor”   The strongest Ukrainian symbol - Trident, was take..
Buckle “Wild boar”
Buckle “Wild boar”   At buckle depicted wild boar - one of the most desirable tr..
Buckle “Hutsulsky”
Buckle “Hutsulsky” In the center of the buckle, Hutsul traditional ornament - an eight crucif..
Buckle “Hutsulske sontse”
Buckle “Hutsulske sontse”.   The central element in this buckle is a stylized sun - ..
Buckle “Halychyna”
Buckle “Halychyna” Belt buckle is made on the model of buckles of Ukrainian Galician Army. Pr..
Buckle “Beregynja”
Handmade brass buckle "Beregynja” This buckle depicts image of a young lady, contoured in sh..
Buckle “Two-planed Tryzub Viyaz”
Buckle “Two-planed Tryzub Viyaz”   This time we used runic images to create one ..
Buckle “3D Klamra”
Buckle “3D Klamra”   In the middle of the buckle, our "Klamra" logo is depicted. "Kl..

Belt buckles from Klamra

Hello! Here you can buy belt buckles. Each buckle is the result of the creative efforts of our team. Models of buckles, beginning from sketches and to finishing cast form are only our work.

How we do it. First we draw from three to five sketches that we want to see in the buckle. Then the chosen variant sampled, worked out the details and creates a 3D model of the buckle. Some models are molded from clay, others are cut from plastic, and the third models are printed on a 3D printer.

Once the model is ready, buckle molded, sanded, polished and patina covered again, to make the final buckle look. Area covered with patina is black and polished area has characteristic golden brass color.

You can choose to your buckle and the leather belt. Choose your favorite type, color, width of leather strap. Details of the price and delivery see in “Delivery and Payment Information”.

Buckles from Klamra your better choice!