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Set of candlesticks
A set of 5, 7 or 10 candlesticks can be a great decoration for your home. Its ethnical subjects..
Сandlestick "Bereginya"
Сandlestick "Bereginya"  The main motive of the candlestick is ancient, pre-Christian sy..
Сandlestick "Evening Star"
"Dawn," "Star" or "Ruzha" - is primarily a symbol of the sun, but as well  is a symbol of mo..
Сandlestick "Just married"
Egg - a sign of life, the symbol of origin. The birth of a new family always was noted as somethi..
Сandlestick "Spring Awakening"
The plot of this candlestick is a spring. Spring in the art has always been a powerful symbol of ..
Сandlestick "The sun"
  Made of solid brass.  ..
Сandlestick "Sorokaklyntsi"
Another ancient pattern that speaks to us probably since the stone age, when people are connectin..
Сandlestick "Trypillia"
The main motives of candlestick are patterns, meanders, spirals of Trypillia culture. Trypillia c..
Сandlestick "Hrestykova zharda"
  Made of solid brass.  ..
Сandlestick "Cross"
  Made of solid brass.  ..
Сandlestick "Cheremosh"
In ancient times, water and fire were "large and indispensable prelates." At the beginning of eac..
Сandlestick "Christmas"
Сandlestick "Christmas"  From ancient times the owner lights a candle while sitting at t..
Сandlestick "Vertep"
Сandlestick "Vertep"  Vertep - is an old time  Ukrainian mobile puppet theater, whi..

Solid brass candleholders from Klamra

We created this section of our shop particularly for those people, who can’t imagine their lives without such a romantic interior element as a candleholder. The history of our candleholders begins at the moment, when we tried to buy candleholders as a present for a friend in Kyiv. Despite wide assortment of decorative candleholders, we did not manage to find anything suitable. So we decided to make a candleholder that we would like.

First of all, we tried to create a product that would meet our demands: diversity only in one basic form, authenticity, national style and convenient stand for a candle. Our ideal candleholder must have been suitable for any holiday, but at the same time we did not want to see a classic image of antique hammered candlestick.

As a result, we have universal oval-shaped candlestick with wide stands for candles and different variants of internal ornament. Each product’s pattern has its own meaning and can be an exquisite present with traditional Ukrainian images and national ornament. It also can be a great present for a particular occasion: wedding, Easter, birthday. We also offer Christmas candleholder separately.

Now in this section there is presented the entire range of our candlesticks: both for a wide castle and for a classic narrow one. You can buy one candleholder or a set of five, seven or ten pieces. We never stop at this point and we are constantly working on the expansion of the range of products. We hope it will be easier to buy a candleholder in Ukraine.

Traditionally, we sell our products in carton packages. Delivery is available both in Ukraine and all over the world.

Cast from solid brass.

Made in Ukraine.

Let everything be Klamra!