Brass belt buckle "Gods of War"


Brass belt buckle "Gods of War".

The basis of the buckle is the mark of rocket troops and artillery of Ukraine. The emblem of artillery is one of the oldest emblems of the armed forces. Crossed cannon trunks are used from the 18th century. The Ukrainian army officially received the emblem of guns in 1917, at the time of the Secretary-General of the UNR military affairs Simon Petliura.

The buckle shows two crossed cannon trunks and lightning from under the cloud. Lightning and cloud transmit nickname guns - Gods of War. Lightning symbolizes the impact of gods on the enemy, and the broken and devastated land is what remains of it.

Belt buckle is made of brass, casting method. After manual processing by the tool, the buckle is covered with patina.

You can also puschase this buckle with leather belt here

Buckle sizes: 53х85 mm.
Price: $33.6
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