Buckle “Plast”

Belt buckle “Plast”
The main symbol for this buckle is the emblem (or coat of arms) of the youth organization "Plast - National Scout Organization of Ukraine", which has the form of a golden stamp of the Grand Prince of Kiev Volodymyr and white trilayer lily, artistically woven into one harmonious whole.
NSOU Plast (https://www.plast.org.ua/) is one of the most well-known organizations that promotes comprehensive, patriotic education and self-education of Ukrainian youth on the principles of Christian morality.
Buckles cast in brass. After casting, each buckle processed manually. After processing the buckle, cover by patina and polishing one more time. Buckle comes complete with a brass frame 2 sizes to choose from (38 mm and 45 mm) for later attachment to the belt.

You can also puschase this buckle with leather belt here

Made in Ukraine!
Buckle sizes: 72x53 mm
Price: $33.6
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