Buckle “Slava Ukraini! Geroyam Slava!” – “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” with OUN trident

Buckle “Slava Ukraini! Geroyam Slava!” – “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”
Its middle element is depicted in the form of two-edged sword, which in 1932 was approved as the emblem of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). 
Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) - Ukrainian social and political movement that aims at establishing united Ukrainian independent state, its preservation and development.
The first part of this slogan started to use, in the days of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (1917-1920 y.). In addition, the first part of the slogan was spread among the rebels Cold Ravine (Holodnyy Yar). The full, current version is the slogan used in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army as a greeting. In the middle of the buckle depicts traditional Ukrainian trident.
After processing the buckle, cover by patina and polishing one more time. Buckle comes complete with a brass frame 2 sizes to choose from (38 mm and 45 mm) for later attachment to the belt.

You can also puschase this buckle with leather belt here

Made in Ukraine!
Buckle sizes: 81х58 mm
Price: $33.6
Reviews (2)

2 reviews
Я давно мріяв купити таку пряжу я вшоці робота просто супер ,я всім своїм друзям буду рекоминдувати ваш сайт дякую зате шови е

2 reviews
Гарна робота. Творчо. Надихає.
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