Buckles. How is it done. Casting into the ground. Chapter first

September 29, 2016

This is probably the most ancient casting method, our ancestors used this method to cast swords and spears which they used for hunting and making holes in each other. 

Firstly, we need to make buckle matrix, it can be carved from wood, formed from plastic, or printed using 3D printer. It must be a bit bigger than buckle, because when metal cools down, it becomes 2% smaller. Then we need two boxes without bottom to fill it up with composite of sand, ground and other admixtures, but we won’t tell you anything about them because this secret costed 7 liters of nice hooch and a quite big piglet. 

Put buckles on a flat table so they will be facing upwards, cover it with box-form and tamp it with ground. Or you can fill your box-form up and then press buckles in.

Then turn matrix over and take a look if there is no damaged parts. 

Put matrix back and cover it with another box-form, form a hole to pour metal in with a picket, and tamp it again.

Separate boxes, pull matrix and a picket out.

Make slots from picket hole to bucket molds.

 When box-form is ready, pour melted brass in it.

After chilling out, crumble the ground and get something similar to buckle out.

That’s easy, isn’t it?

Now you can tell the casting process is over. After that buckles are being processed by hands till they have final look. But we will tell you about it in next chapter! 

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