Accumulation and usage conditions

·             Reward points are only charged when order is made from a signed up account.

·             For every item, purchased from a signed up account, reward points are charged automatically as soon as order receives “completed” status.

·             You can check amount of available benefit points in the menu item called “Rewards”.

·             Reward points cannot be transferred between clients’ accounts or be exchanged for cash, noncash or online services.

·             You can use your points while purchasing following product. You cannot use reward points, coupon, or gift card simultaneously

·             Reward points can be transformed into a discount. 1 point equals 1-hryvnia discount.

·             You can have a discount while making your order in the “Use Rewards” field.

·             Rewards’ currency can be changed without the consent of the client.

·             Reward points’ validity is unlimited.

·             Klamra reserves the right to make adjustments to the customer's account on condition of erroneous accrual or cancellation.

All the data you leave will only be used for correct orders registration and necessary communication with customer.