Leather belts

Leather belts with handmade brass buckles from Klamra

Hi. You are in the store, where you can buy a leather belt with handmade buckle form Klamra. From the ancient times the belt was used not only to maintain the clothes, but also to carry weapons, and determining the status of the person. From the Middle Ages, it was used as a stylish and useful accessory to clothing. In Ukraine, the first who started to use leather straps were Scythian tribes, which differed in the mastery of working with leather and metal. Even then, the belt was one of the main elements of nomads clothing. In our own work, we do not go into such a distant past, and restore the old Hutsul art - mosyazhnitstvo. Mosyazh in Hutsulia called an alloy of copper, tin and antimony. Various products produced from mosyazh: bardki, tubes, harnesses, jewelry, etc.

We believe in the originality of our products, as we create them ourselves. In our works we use Ukrainian motifs: national symbols, ornaments, embroidery, signs and even archaeological finds. In our works you can find and Hutsul motives and Poltava embroidery, and national symbols of Kiev Rus and copies of Scythian jewelry.

Each model of buckle goes from drawing on a napkin to the final polishing; each belt band goes from painting, cutting to the desired width and up to accession to the buckle. Our products are made of natural materials: buckles, cast brass, covered with patina and processed by hand, for the belt strap, we take only natural calfskin. Everything is made in Ukraine! Here you will pick up the strap to suit your style or even create it.

We are sure that you will get high-quality, stylish accessory that will complement the appearance range of your wardrobe. In this case you do not have to think about the size of the belt. Belt strap has a sufficient length (120-125 cm.) It can be shortened by you. How to shorten the belt: first spun propeller which connects buckle with the belt, cut the excess part, make a hole for the screw and fasten buckle back.

We sell our belts in packaging. For each belt buckle we give a description and a sponge for the care of the buckle.

We can do custom belts and buckles too. Would you like to make an original corporate gift to employees, partners and customers? We are happy to create a custom belt: design and cast buckle, put your logo on the belt strap and we can do your corporate packaging. Your customers will be totally satisfied. Besides we propose: a fair price for belts, discounts for subscribers in social networks, rapid and low-cost delivery.

Klamra – your better choice!