Tamper "Memento mori"


Tamper is used for tamping the ground coffee in the filter of Coffee Holder.

Tamper «Memento mori» was designed with all the ergonomic features for its convenient everyday use. Cast sculptural brass handle is hollow in the middle to shift the balance towards the base of tamper. 

Handle of tamper is made of casted brass. Base of tamper is made of food stainless steel.

Base diameter: 53, 57 or 58 mm.Temper sizes: including base - 90mm.
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Price: $88
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Рубан Максим
1 reviews
Це не просто дуже красива річ, а реально ідеальний інструмент бариста, який формує ідеальну таблетку, Величезна подяка за Вашу роботу !!!
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